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Khas/poppy seeds are commonly called Khus, Khas grass, Cuscus or Khas Khas. The botanical name for poppy is Vetiver zizanioides, which belongs to the family Poaceae. This plant is mainly used for perfumery and medicinal benefits. This herb is also used for flavoring drinks and also for cooling purposes.

Poppy seeds have immense benefits to a man. Poppy is an important herb in Ayurveda to treat various health conditions. Its origins are from India, long tufted grass available in plenty in marshy river banks. This grass has a mild, musky smell that has a cooling effect on the body and mind. The roots of this grass are used to extract oil which is used as a medicine for many diseases. This oil is also used in making perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and oils. They are also used in beverages and food items.

Today the plant is also cultivated in…

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